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Known for being a fast, upbeat dance style performed to modern music. This energetic dance style, while also being hugely popular, helps build confidence, technique and helps dancers of all ages to use freedom of expression to enhance their dance style.

Options to take exams in this subject - IDTA


Our Starlets dance program is aimed at dancers aged 2 and 3yrs of age. This introductory class offers a fun and friendly experience into the world of dance. Within this class we explore a range of dance styles with the active use of imagination and props.


Acrobatic Dance (Acro) is the beautiful fusion of classic dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements.

Acro challenges dancers to train in Dance and Acrobatic elements. Such as Balancing, Limbering, Tumbling, Flexibility, Contortion and Strength.

Options to take exams in this subject - Acrobatic Arts


A classical dance form, focusing on grace, precision and technique. This is one of key base subjects to the majority of all dance styles and helps dancers learn and progress with technique, and strength. We offer classes from Preparatory upwards. Suitable for all Ages 4yrs+

Options to take exams in this subject - ISTD


Join this unique and special dance style where we not only learn to dance but how to create music and rhythm with our feet. We offer classes from Preparatory upwards and is a fun and exciting way to express yourself. Suitable for all Ages 4yrs+

Options to take exams in this subject - IDTA


Lyrical is a highly expressive dance styles, that brings together Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary Dance. This style focuses more on dancing to the lyrics than the beat. Allowing the dances an equal chance to build up technique and performance.

Musical Theatre

This style introduces dancers to singing, dancing and acting. This combination allows dancers to communicate through words, music and movement and helps build confidence and introduces students into the different avenues into the world of Dance.

Options to take exams in this subject - IDTA

Modern Jazz

Modern Jazz refers to a modern style that combines ballet technique and theatrical style and performance. Jazz is a highly energetic style that focuses on technique such as Kicks, Leaps and Turns etc. Suitable for all ages 4yrs+

Options to take exams in this subject - ISTD

Stretch & Technique

This is a specialist class which is split into two distinct sections. The stretch element of the class allows for dancer to explore a wider range of stretches and work in partners to get more of a challenge. The technique part of the class breaks down the dance steps to allow dancers time to really strengthen their technique which aids all other classes they may take.


Our competition teams are an invite only class. This gives dancers a chance to take their dance training and experiences a step further. The Teams get multiple performance opportunities throughout the year.

Dance Camps

Our dance camps explore a full range of dance styles to explore and learn from. Our week builds up to an end of week show, where the dancers get to show off all of the dances learnt. Dancers also get to take part in various activities and games.

Birthday Parties

Footsteps loves hosting birthday parties for our students. Each party is unique and tailored. Themes, guest numbers and dance styles are all of your choosing. Please contact Footsteps for more information.